Monday, January 12, 2009

A much needed break and a bit of withdrawal

AFB is currently on a much-deserved and needed family holiday, so the blog is on a bit of a break as well. I only have internet access through my phone and I've never posted to the site this way before, so I don't know how this is going to turn out format-wise, but hey, it's an experiment.

Holidays have lots of positives - lots of relaxing, reading and swimming (it's summer here in Oz), however it has one major downside -between the holidays and my travels I am missing three weeks of trips to the LCS, thus delaying my likely purchases of the Jade Mini-Bust,JLA Series 3 and DS9 Series 2 (which I think is coming out now). A nice slug to the bank balance when I get back!

This of course means nothing is happening with the room renovation at the moment. The painting was all done before we left and the big bed is up on eBay (going to replace it with a day bed), but have to wait a few days after we return to work out exactly how we're getting the new shelving down to Canberra, so it'll be little while before the gang is back in action. Best to have them packed away while we're gone - I'd hate for the housesitter to play with them! Pics to come once we get it done.

In other news, we got an Xbox 360 before we left. It's "for the kids"of course. And I just know they want to play Lego Batman. Of course they'll probably whip my butt on that just like they did with the dodgy games we got with the system. But..... it's Batman.

Finally, we saw "Bolt" a couple days ago and I think it is officially my new favourite kids movie. Loved it.

Back to toy news soon. Just have to take the kids for a few more swims first!

Until next time!

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