Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News from Mattel on DCUC Waves 6 and 7 Variants

af_dcu6_impossibleI logged into my Facebook this morning and saw this little nasty from Matty Mattel (complete with typos):

Hey gang,

Two quick updates for those fans who order their DCUC figures through online retailers.

We have been working all year to bring better distribution to the fans and one of those strategies was to offer all DCUC figures "open stock" to the online retailers. (meaning online retailers can order solid case packs of any 1 figure).

Although we had the best of intensions, we did hit a minor snag. The variants for Waves 6 and 7 were unfortunately not produced for the open stock orders. They are still available randomly distributed in the standard retail case packs (which are also available to online sellers). But for reasons way beyond our control, we had a mess up and the variants will not be available open stock until Wave 8.

We sincerely appologise to any fans who were planning to order the variants this way. We are activly working with our plants to ensure starting with Wave 8 that the variants will be included in open stock orders. Any cancelations of variant orders for Wave 6 and 7 is the fault of Mattel and not of any trusted online seller!

And on the "awesome news" front, we were able to redirect the remaining stock of the previous Wave 4 KB exclusive figures "Maskless Batman Beyond" and "Sonic Arm Cyborg" to online retailers. Both figures are available at 5 of each per case. Ask your favorite online retailer for availablilty today.

Okay, that is a lot of updates for one day. Keep those emails and posts coming! All of us at can't wait to meet all the fans who come out to New York next month!


I guess that means my order at Cornerstore Comics for the variant Barda will be cancelled, and that that figure, along with the Superman and Booster Gold variants are going to become scalpers’ wet dreams and collectors’ nightmares. Boo, hiss.

I am way too into this line to be swayed by this, but with the impossible to find Wave 5 (especially for us overseas dwellers) and the issues that seem to be plaguing the distribution of Wave 6 to online retailers, it’s a shame to see that there’s more issues with 6 and already issues with Wave 7.

It has to be said, at least they are communicating about this - I can't really imagine DCD fronting up in the same manner! Here’s hoping Mattel can get this sorted out soon!

Is the distribution of DCUC impacting on your enjoyment of the line? Have your say in the new AFB poll to the right!

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Anonymous said...

Sure its kinda problem with variants but at least the main lines are still shipping. Variants are rare anyway. They probably should be offered through online stores. Mattycollector should at least provide links to sites like so collectors can find them. Of course E-Bay is another option I prefer. You pay a premium but it probably makes up for the price of gas given that Target and Walmarts aren't situated between every 5 mile radius in the United States.

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