Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, sigh……

blackestnight_LHip, hip hooray. That house of innovation, DC Direct, is releasing a line of Blackest Night figures, according to this preorder solicit at Cornerstore Comics. Yawn, yawn and yaaaaaawn.

I’ll give DCD a tick for soliciting event-based figures before the event for once, and for the fact that the wave includes three characters new to plastic, but….. really? At the same time as Mattel is exciting us with characters like Adrian Chase Vigilante and Killer Moth?

You know, I’ll probably buy some of these because I am a mad Lantern fan, and as I’m loving what Johns is doing with that world, Boodika at least has a place in that display, but it’s a Green Lantern display that still doesn’t have Arisia or Katma Tui or a non-artist specific MA John Stewart for that matter.

It certainly makes sense from a marketing perspective to link in with big events, and Blackest Night is certainly being built up to be big, but couldn’t they at least throw us serious collectors a bone with something like a Classic Boodika variant?

Nah. Too creative.





thefinn said...

My main issue with the solicit isn't the variety of the figures, but rather the giant, giant spoiler that's in the description....

Scott said...

Yeah, I wasn't gonna go there, but it's a nasty development and a sucky way to find out about it. Can't imagine buying that figure.

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