Wednesday, January 06, 2010

DCUC Wave 10 – Together at Last

As I mentioned in my Toys of the Year post, the gang at Critical Mess made “Wal-Mart Exclusive” a less scary term by helping everyone in the community to fulfil their DC Universe Classics Wave 10 dreams without resorting to Scalperville, or eBay as it is often called. Considering that I still don’t have a complete DCUC Wave 5 (still need Atom and Eradicator), the fact that I have a complete Wave 10 (minus Batman, which I didn’t want) on my shelves for retail prices plus postage is pretty amazing. Thanks again, guys!

To the figures: Man-Bat has been seen before, in white form, but his appearance in this line in his normal brown state is very welcome. It’s a very impressive figure. I love the translucency in his wings. Bit of a bugger to stand up, but with a bit of patience and elbow grease, it’s do-able. A winner for sure.

Forager is all kinds of Fourth World fun. His JLU figure was a nice treat, but to see him in this scale is a real trip. Great colours, spotless paint apps, very well executed. While I am happy to see the New Gods thread take a break to make way for other groups and teams, I do heap that we at least get Highfather and Granny Goodness at some stage – maybe even some Forever People?? At least with Kamandi rumoured to be in Wave 14 we know there’s more Kirby love on the way!

My only quibble here is with one of my favourite characters – Beast Boy. This tiny teen buck is so unsatisfying. It’s hard to picture how the Titans are ever going to really come together, what with the way Starfire and Cyborg tower over this figure. The headsculpt is great, he’s suitably buff (maybe too much), it’s just a real shame that this buck isn’t better proportioned to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

The most exciting aspect of this wave for me is the beginning of the Doom Patrol, and what better way to start it than with Cliff Steele. Robotman is a great figure – wonderful metallic paint apps, great sculpt – it is really just like he’s leapt off the page. The only quibble I have with this awesome figure is the over-bendy legs that plague some of the DCUC stuff – especially that ones that are posed squatting over big C&C parts. It makes him a  little too elastic at the hips which is a challenge to pose. But hey – it’s freaking Robotman!!! The Doom Patrol has begun, and the Metal Men aren’t far behind! DCUC is really making this little fanboy very happy!

I posted some thoughts about Joker and Power Girl earlier, but I have to mention Joker again. He’s real winner of the wave and the one figure I wouldn’t have expected to like so much, simply because he has been made so many times before. This figure, however, is the most iconic representation of the classic Joker yet, with a nice swag of accessories as well. Again, he has the extra bendy legs, but that doesn’t matter so much for a character with his physicalisation. Brilliant figure to cap off a brilliant wave!

As for Imperiex, I must say he’s a bit of a “Who??” character for me, but he is one freaky-good-looking C&C. Brilliant job with the detailing on this one, and he’s huge! Well done Mattel.

All up, apart from some extra-leg-bendiness and teensy Beast Boy, this is a well-executed, very fun wave. I’ll have my Wave 11 wrap-up soon, and then it’s on to Wave 12, 13 and whatever else 2010 has to offer us.

You can see more pics at Facebook, discuss this in the AFB Forum, and comment on this post to enter the January AFB Comment of the Month Contest.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the wave review, but it would have been interesting to know exactly how you managed to get the wave at retail. Did you stumble on the missing figures or did you have help? Did you have to drive 500 klicks to some obscure place to find them.

Like you I was (and still am) in a "Who?" mode regarding Imperiex. He looks like a Kirby design after Jack took LSD!

And, like you, I am really looking forward to the Metal Men. The Doom Patrol is really cool and I'm snagging them, but I have a special place in my heart for the MM!

Great Blog!


fishmilkshake said...

Great stuff Andy! BTW - Aside from his comics appearances, Imperiex gets a lot of screen time in the Legion cartoon.

Kyle said...

This was such an awesome wave. I'm glad its hitting heavier than wave 5 did. I lucked out and stumbled upon wave 5 easily. But with 10 once it started hitting, I didn't take any chances and pallet dived at the local walmart every night for 2 weeks until I hit gold.

Westy said...

That Man-Bat looks terrific. And like I said previously, that Joker is all kinds of 80s Justice League figure line nostalgia awesome.

demoncat said...

the whole line is cool looking. espicaly robot man . as for beast boys size think that is due to him being a shape sifter his size changes. and hope since forager is the last new God for a while that when Mattel returns to the new Gods Granny and High father are next. Imperiex looks perfect for a dooms day baf

Rod Keith said...

Glad to see these photos of a completed wave 10 on your blog at last! Huzzah!

Tom Freak said...

Robot Man is great, and so is the Joker. Imperiex looks amazing, but I still have no idea who he is! Hehe... Still puzzled by the "M" in his chest... "Mperiex"?

ryanlb said...

Wave 10 was Great! Probably my favorite wave out of the first 10, Imperiex looks awesome even if nobody (including me) knows who he is.

Power Girl, Man-Bat and Batman are my favorites, with Joker and Forager close behind. Beast Boy and Robot Man I don't care about, but there's nothing really wrong with them.

This line is still going strong in my opinion, and I can wait to see what the rest of the year brings us.

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