Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Poll – Your most anticipated upcoming release

We haven’t had a poll for awhile, so I thought I’d ask what upcoming release you’re most looking forward to. DC Direct is putting all of its eggs in the Blackest Night basket, DC Universe Classics is churning out Waves left and right, and Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics has a number of great released coming up. What’s got you most excited?

For me, DCUC Wave 13, just edges out Battle Cat thanks to the amazing looking Trigon C&C. He’s been near the top of my list for a long time and I can’t wait for him.

What about you? The poll is on the right, and you have until the end of the month!


chopa said...


also Gills.

Kyle said...

As much as I like DCUC waves 12 and 13...I really want Lafleaze badly, so I had to vote for Blackest Night wave 3.

Tom Freak said...

I actually went with Trapjaw, one of my favorite characters from MOTU (in any line).

Anonymous said...

Trap Jaw, but I'm not even going to order him. He's just kind of my pick by default. Adora's hair is scuplted badly. The very same head will be on the MOTUC She-Ra figure. I might just pick up an SDCC 200X She-Ra instead if the prototype looks awful. Don't particularly care for DCUC Wave 13 since the females all look pretty bad with the "crotch" parts. Its rather ridiculous Mattel and the 4H approved those designs. And although I liked Green Lantern in JLU, Blackest Night isn't my cup of tea. The crossover is almost as bad as Marvel's Secret Invasion except Marvel only killed one character and DC ended up killing/teasing revivals of dozens. Both companies have their sins to account for. Rather disgusting I think.

Saranga said...

i voted for blackest nigght wave 4, cos i can't vote for 2 choices. bring on the zombie related action!

ryanlb said...

This is almost a tough call. I'd really like the Blackest Night figures, but it's not a line I'm actively collecting, just wishing I was, though I will definitely pick up Wonder Woman and Kyle Rayner.

Adora is nice, and Battle Cat should be freaking awesome, but DCUC is my first love. The Darkseid wave is okay, with some interesting people, but nobody really special to me.

the Trigon wave, on the other hand, is full of characters I only half know, but it's got the last guy we need from Reign of the Supermen, plus the C&C is a freaking DEMON.

And that's awesome. So DCUC 13 gets my vote.

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