Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! AFB named in’s “Top 10 Action Figure Blogs”!

Happy 2010 to everyone out there in AFB-land! I hope that your ringing in of the new decade was as happy and joyous as mine! I have to say that after growing up in the freezing cold winters of Chicago, spending my adult holiday seasons here in Oz around the pool and ramping up the air conditioning is a very nice change. I could never go back to that horrible weather, even if it might make getting Wal-Mart exclusives that little bit easier!

My New Year was made a little bit brighter by a lovely reader who sent me a link to’s Top 10 Action Figure Blogs, as Action Figure Blues has made it into the list! I’m not entirely sure how recent the page is, but it is still a very nice kudo. Thanks! While this blog is and always has been about recording my own journey as a collector, it has been very gratifying to see it find an audience and getting feedback (in whatever form) is always very welcome!

This makes it a good time to give my thanks to anyone out there who takes the time to read the posts here. This was never meant to be high class toy reporting – there are so many sites that do that so well – rather my own thoughts and adventures, and the fact that folks seem to enjoy reading them and commenting on them is really rewarding. In the end we are all a part of the same community, and having the chance to interact with other collectors in this way has been such a great experience. Thanks for sticking around, and I look forward to another great year of blogging in 2010!

(,,,,,,and, yes, while I haven’t announced the Jan ‘10 Comment Contest yet, (that’s next) comments on this post will count!)

Until next time!


Westy said...

Sweet! Getting on that list has gotta feel good. Congratulations!

Vintage Action Figures said...

congratulations! and happy new year! a well deserved nod for a great blog...kind of like being mentioned in the new year's honours list!

Tom Freak said...

An incredible well deserved mention. Is also good to know that other people share my opinions: AFB rules!

(with that amount of ass kissing I just have to win the comment of the month thingy...)

Reis O'Brien said...

The fact that this blog represents one man's journey through the collecting world so well is exactly why it made the list. This is such a refreshing and insightful blog and I can't thank you enough for all your hard work!

By the way, I'm the guy who made the list! ;) You totally deserve it!

chopa said...

I personally enjoy AFb for it's focus on reviews over toy industry news, and the fact that it's almost all comic book/superhero toys.

fishmilkshake said...

Well done Andy! That's such great news!

ryanlb said...

This is a great site, and I'm glad I came across it. I like the reviews a lot, too.

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