Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let the Sideshow Begin!

Seeing as my 6” and below collecting is looking slim this year (I’m finished with JLU and Infinite Heroes, DC Direct has little of interest this year) I’m planning ahead in terms of some statue purchases. One thing I’ve been keeping my eye on is the Sideshow X-Force Diorama. After nearly doing the deed, I finally went ahead and pre-ordered it.

Featuring the original New X-Force line-up of Wolverine, X-23, Wolfsbane and Warpath, this is a beautiful piece I can’t stop looking at. Coming in at a whopping 14” x 8” x 10’, this is going to be by far and away the biggest piece in my collection to this point. It’s also probably going to be the most expensive thing I’ve ever had shipped to Oz, but as it’s expected in 3rd Quarter 2010 it’s going to part of my birthday present, and this one is a big one (it has an “0” in it…) so I decided I could spring for it.

Anyway, I’ll save the review for a time when I’m looking at the real thing, but I wanted to mark to occasion of my first Sideshow Pre-Order with a post. Now I just need to stop looking at all the other beautiful things on the Sideshow website……….

Until next time!


Kyle said...

That will be quite a birthday treat. There's soo many nice statues coming out this year.

chopa said...

The X-fan in me says "HECK YEA!"

Saranga said...

nicely posed, nicely organised. not for me tho.

Westy said...

I saw the piece, I saw the price, I pined, and ultimately passed. I'll work on increasing the size of my Marvel Legends collection instead.

Tom Freak said...

Sweet! Can't wait for the review!

ryanlb said...

Happy Birthday to you!
It looks like a nice piece, I like the costumes.

Heidi said...

I've been fantasizing about getting the Scarlet Witch statue that is coming out at March 2010, but I am most definately not going to be able to afford it.

I mean, I could afford it if I'd stop buying 6-7" figures and comics for a few months, but there are just too many way cool toys and comics coming out each month that I can't take a break from my normal consuming habits. With comics I could take the break, because I'd know I could get them at the same prize afterwards, but the current trend on action figures is that the figures are sold out in a relatively short time period and the prizes skyrocket soon after that. Sigh, it's hard being a toycollector these days. :)


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