Sunday, January 31, 2010

MOTUC Catch-up: He-Man, Scareglow and King Randor

With’s international shipping taking ever so long to reach the sandy shores of Oz (for some reason it always seems to come via New Zealand??) my Masters of the Universe Classics are hardly breaking news by the time I get to open them, but I still thought I’d post a few pics and thoughts about the most recent arrivals.

He-Man and Scareglow took an extra long time to be mine due to a combination of an extended shipping time which I assume was due to Christmas and then my own holiday absence. Randor took a full month to arrive despite the Christmas rush dying down.

Scareglow is not a character I owned in the MOTUC days of my youth, but he’s great fun. I’m not really wild about glow-in-the-dark bizzo, but his zany aesthetic is easy to appreciate. The skeleton design works fairly well across the figure, although the legs look a little to zebra striped. His funky purple cape has a ragged edge at the bottom, and his accessories fit easily and work well. Probably not going to end up in my Top 10 for the line, but fun all the same.

I didn’t pick up He-Man when he first came out, so once I started collecting the line, my hopes were firmly pinned on picking up the re-issue. Sculpt and paint are excellent. The red-eyed appearance of the original has been corrected here, and the only concern I have with the figure is that the ankles, like a few of the figures in this line, are a tad loose, which matters when they have to support a figure of this bulk. Great range of accessories, although I don’t quite get the one-sided sword that comes as an extra. Overall – great to finally have the centre of the collection filled!

The Burger King joke about poor old King Randor has well and truly been played out, so I won’t repeat it, especially since it doesn’t apply here in Oz – we have “Hungry Jack’s”, not BK. This is a serviceable rendition of a necessary, if not terribly interesting, character. A couple of customised bits cover up an otherwise fairly cheap re-use of the basic buck. He’s also very colourful, and he kinda looks like Jesus. Did I manage to stretch that out to a paragraph? Phew.

That’s the MOTUC Wrap for the moment. I have the 2010 Subscription, but I’ll be looking to grab Beast-Man and (ulp) Battle Cat next month. Wish me luck….

You can see more pics at Facebook, discuss this at the AFB Forum, and comment on this post to enter the AFB Comment of the Month Contest!

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Westy said...

MAn, we never owned the basic He-Man when we were kids, we just had the Battle damage He-Man. This looks totally beter though.

MORS said...

i kind of regret not picking up randor but the he-man reissue was great. i love the half sword. great throwback to the original toys and the mini comics where he-man and skeletor each contained one half of the sword of power and were fighting to get the other half.

Kyle said...

I regret not getting that Re-issue he-man. I just got into MOTUC. Already have Teela and Beastman. Skeletor will be here on Tuesday.

chopa said...

You'll get the other half with Skeletor.
My he-man had a bit of bend in the right knee due to the way it was packaged.
Also King Jesus of eternia has a nice ring to it.

Dan said...

Those are nice!

fishmilkshake said...

Nice figs! Not gonna give in though. "Burger King" joke?

Saranga said...

nice nostalgia factor but past that they don't appeal to me at all. still, each to their own!

demoncat said...

the only ones of the original i did not have was randor and scare glow for they came out when i was done with the line. and seeing those shows the horseman are going all out bringing the line back to glory . though always though scareglow was suppose to be the ghost of Skelator like he died or something and came back as scareglow.

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