Tuesday, April 03, 2012

AFB Asks Matty for 1 April!

It's time for another round of questions and "answers" from Mattel as AFB Asks Matty!

Q: News about the cancellation of waves of DC All Stars came out from other outlets well before any official word from Mattel (at the time of writing this no official comment has been made. What was the thinking behind not making a timely announcement about these changes? How is this lack of communication meant to instill confidence in the line?

A: An official announcement is coming. It takes time to craft an announcement and get approval from all parties before we can post. Unfortunately, the decision to cancel the wave came as a result of the ordering process, hence how the information got leaked before our announcement

Q: I love the WWF Legends line. And I love the fact Arn Anderson won the Fan Choice poll. Was the figure shown at Toy Fair the final product? Because no offense to "The Enforcer;" but he's never been what one would call thin and the figure displayed was made using the lightweight body. Will the figure be released with a stockier torso? The Iron Shiek/Nikolai Volkoff one would work well.

A: We are still working out the details for this figure but will have more to confirm in the near future!

Q: If you're not already aware, there are some amazing customisers out there using the DCUC bucks (figures) to create new characters, etc. Have you ever considered selling generic bucks on Matty?

A: Yes, we have looked into this but right now are putting all of our resources into creating new figures.

Q: Can Poison Ivy get a couple of open hands like the ones on the Raven figure (without the rings) or maybe Priscilla Rich? Either of these would be great for summoning plants poses. Fists don't seem to fit Pam very well. She's not much for punching, and plants usually do her fighting for her.

A: We did review this, but do not have time for the Horsemen to sculpt new parts.

Q: The Red Lion for the start of Club Lion was fantastic! Is the rest of the sub on track? How long will it take for us to be able to build a complete Voltron?

A: Yes. All five Lions will ship before the end of 2012!

That's all for this round. You can discuss this or add questions for future rounds at the AFB Forum, or comment here to enter the April Comment of the Month Contest!

Until next time!

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Adam said...

Ah, DCUC. Home of the tiny-fisted women.

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