Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DC Dynamics goes out with a bang - Joker style

The DC Dynamics Statue line has been a very enjoyable run from DC Direct, if you like your statues a bit more high concept and artistic. The DC Direct DC Dynamics Joker Statue seems to be the final release from the series, and if that’s the case it takes the line out on a very high note.

When you’ve been in the superhero statue sculpting game for as long as Tim Bruckner has, it’s not surprising that you’d want to try something a bit different, and the DC Dynamics line certainly are that. This line plays with light and shape and produces something much more artistic than the average supehero collectible. We’ve had six hero statues, followed by two villains, with Joker being the last.

I was originally in two minds about purchasing this statue - I had made a definite decision to pass on the Sinestro version because it was the modern Sinestro Corps version, and so wondered if it was best to keep this as a heroes-only set. Once I saw some in-hand pic from other collectors, however, I knew that I wouldn’t feel like my DC Dynamics collection was complete without Joker on the shelf.

In contrast to the majestic constructs and energy bursts that the DC Dynamics heroes burst out of, Joker is enveloped in murky plumes of what would appear to be his trademark laughing gas. These green plumes create a very distinct silhouette fitting of Batman’s mad archenemy. They may be murky, but they are crafted out of a similar translucent material to the heroes’ constructs, creating a clear link to the other pieces in the line.  

While each of the heroes that has appeared in this series has had a fairly classic styling, there’s a bit more of a modern edge to the Joker’s look - in particular the headsculpt, which is extremely detailed and includes the yellowed, rotting teeth which have become a trademark of the modern age Joker. There is no detail missed here - including fantastic detail in the folds and seams of Joker’s jacket and shirt - the kind of sculpting skill that has become synonymous with Bruckner’s work.

Alongside the fantastic sculpt, there are some nice details - like the goofy, evil smiley faces on the smoke bombs that create the plumes of green Laughing Gas that Joker is enveloped in. They’re very well done, and are a nice touch to an already excellent piece.

Paint work on this piece does nothing to let it down - great colour choices mesh with seamless application to finish off a real gem. Whether you’ve collected DC Dynamics or not, any serious Joker / Batman fan needs to consider owning this piece - this is the Joker, Tim Bruckner and DC Direct all at their best.

So, for all intents and purposes, that brings us to the end of the DC Dynamics line. Tim Bruckner released in-progress pics of a Flash version that was in the works but cancelled, and I must say it’s a shame that one never came to light as it would have made a great centrepiece to the collection.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and with DC Direct we can usually count on that happening to soon....

You can see my previous reviews of DC Dynamics pieces here: Aquaman was reviewed on his own, then Wonder Woman and Batman as a set, then Superman, Supergirl and Green Lanternas a trio.

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Unknown said...

What a amazing piece! I really like it.

fishmilkshake said...

I'm glad he looks suitably evil, it really compliments the rest of the statue.

chrismandesign said...

this is an incredible statue that could be easily in the top of this series... is the most risky in design but also the most interesting approach...

Playmobil Airport said...

It gives me goosebumps. It looks more like an evil joker.

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