Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The AFB Podcast Episode 10: Rapid Fire Reviews / Classic vs. Modern

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Join Scott, Ben and Andy from the AFB Forum for Episode Ten of the Action Figure Blues Podcast! The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and popculture.

Episode Ten includes our Rapid Fire Reviews on the Sideshow Captain Rex 12" Star Wars Figure, the DC Direct Big Barda Ame-Comi PVC Figure and the Gears of War Anya Figure.

Our Discussion Topic is “Classic v. Modern".

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Happy listening!


Andy said...

Hi Guys,
Enjoyed the discussion on classic vs. modern. There's been a lot of chatter similar to this with the recent DC/Mattel woes. I believe these classic properties could be viable if DC did a better job exposing them to the masses. This is a quote from a fellow toy blogger NoisyDvL5 on his site,
“I’m not going to excuse Mattel, but I have to wonder how much better off we’d be if DC could successfully market its secondary characters; if DC had been able to position itself as Marvel has. Remember, in the toy world, it’s all about units moved. If Mattel could sell more DC figures, the figures would presumably be better. I am frustrated with Mattel, but I’m really frustrated with DC Comics. DC’s inability to market itself is what has brought about the Relaunch in the comics. DC’s inability to market itself is why Mattel has been reduced to selling figures online, directly to consumers while Hasbro is pumping out two scales of comic-based merchandise for Marvel.”

To which fellow blogger Poe Ghostal reiterated:
“What’s more significant is that more collectors in the 18-49 segment want a Constrictor or U.S. Agent than any of the Metal Men”

Maybe you can bring this up in a follow up next episode. Love the show!

Adam said...

I've recently stopped buying Marvel & DC Comics, and before that was only buying b-list titles and miniseries, so a lot of this "current" stuff is greek to me. Speaking personally I love it when they do obscure - like black vulcan or golden pharaoh or heck Man-Thing - but I get cranky when they do Big Time Spider-Man or Thor without the stripy yellow boots. I want it the way I want it, you know?

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