Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Keep your collection organized with Mint Condition Collection!

Largest Action Figure Collection Database Launches with 55,000 Toys, Powerful API and Social Features

Chicago, Illinois - April 3, 2012 -Mint Condition Collection launches today as the largest free database for action figure collectors and enthusiasts to catalog their collections, track their want list, trade with collectors, and share their passion with plastic lovers from around the world. Best of all, all new users who register will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

With more than 55,000 action figures, statues, playsets, and vehicles, Mint Condition Collection ( launches the largest and easiest to use action figure database on the internet. By joining, members can utilize “ToyPI”, Mint Condition Collection’s application program interface (API), which provides access to more than 20 datapoints. Automatically add related action figures to your blog posts or create specialized checklists for your website using ToyPI.

Mint Condition Collection offers the best action figure collection system available, built specifically for action figure collector’s needs. Features include:

  • Contribute to the wiki-style database, adding and updating any toy or custom action figure
  • Showcase your collection display in image or video galleries
  • Tag toys with personal information, like quantity, location, and condition
  • Trade and send messages to collectors
  • Rate and write reviews (or post video reviews) of all toys
  • Earn Collector Points and Collectible Badge achievements to show off your collecting skills
  • Share your collection on your personal website with provided Javascript code
  • Take your collection anywhere by exporting it as an Excel file
  • Experience Mint Condition Collection for free

“I built Mint Condition Collection because just playing with my action figures wasn’t fulfilling enough,” says founder Michael Sherrin. “I wanted to share them, rate them, and track them. Action figures, like most things, are best when played with others.”

Mint Condition Collection was developed because no collection tool catered to the needs of action figure collectors. Michael Sherrin designed a system that is easy to use and robust in its features, while always remaining free and open.

“Some collection tools want you to pay for basic features, while others fail to account for unique action figure collecting quirks, like tracking custom action figures or allowing you to add only one figure from a two-pack,” says Sherrin. “Mint Condition Collection makes tracking your action figure collection fun and simple.”

About Mint Condition Collection

Mint Condition Collection ( provides the largest free database for action figure collectors and enthusiasts. Founder Michael Sherrin has worked as a web developer for more than a decade, and he has published more than 100 articles on comic books, entertainment, and technology. He is currently an MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management. He owns more than 600 action figures and 10,000 comic books. You can view his collection at



Unknown said...

This should prove to be very helpful for collectors.

anyalover said...

I've been checking it out... Very cool!

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