Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long Live the Legion!

Picture 002Since the start of AFB, I’ve been chronicling the development of my custom Silver Age Legion of Superheroes by Jackknight (with a guest appearance from Rod Keith for Elastic Lad).

At the end of last year, we had finished all of the Silver Age roster (including Nemesis Kid) and had started on the Subs, when a cat-tastrophe happened – our dearest family feline hopped up on the Legion shelf, and very sadly some of the team hopped off. Needless to say, Picture 009kitty’s standing in the family dropped considerably. The only positive to come out of it was it helped me convince Mrs AFB that we needed display cabinets for better protection. That and the dust. She hates dust.

As for my poor Legionnaires, c asualties included broken heads for Light Lass, a broken tummy for Bouncing Boy and a de-caping for Princess Projectra. Not the Legion, anyone wants, especially this mad Legion fan.

Being ever the gentleman, Jack very kindly agreed to give them a fix up, while working on the latest addition to the Subs – Fire Lad. I’m pleased to report that the team has now been reunited – so we have the full roster plus the first three subs and assorted others.

Here’s a full shot of the team. I need to add some levels in to make everyone more visible, but I’m so excited to see the group reunited, and Fire Lad is an excellent addition.

Picture 011Next up, we need to finish off the Silver Age Subs, and then I’m thinking we’ll at least need the classic Fatal Five before we move on to another project.

Many thanks to the amazing Jack! One of the things I love the most about these figures is that they remind me of the Legionnaire statuettes that the Legion used to summon Superboy when they needed him. Good times.

You can see a fuller round of photos at Facebook, and also discuss this in the ongoing thread in “The Originals” – the AFB Custom Board.

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Envy drives me to hate you every time you post more Legion customs.


Angela Robertson said...

I love 'em, I love 'em, I love 'em! I want ALL OF 'em!!!!!!!!!!

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