Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fishnets, Baby!

bc.cvr.girls.dcu I am really looking forward to the Cover Girls of the DC Universe Statue series (well, the collector in me is, my wallet is NOT) and was especially pleased to see Adam Hughes’ killer Black Canary appear, but she looked really naked without her fishnets (those ever practical lady superhero crime fighting accessories) when she was previewed at the recent shows.

Happy happiness, then, when someone pointed out that Superhero Times (and now the DCD website) have a pic with WITH the fishnets! Hoorah!

Zatanna still doesn’t have them on the DCD site, but for whatever reason she doesn’t look as naked without them as Dinah did.

I’m sure there’s a Power Girl coming in this line, but I hope we get a few more interesting characters beyond the obvious – Huntress and Vixen would rock my world!


Saranga said...

Dinah isn't just Dinah without the fishnets.

Saranga said...

Damn. I meant Dinah JUST isn't Dinah w/o the fishnets.
I should have also added something witty and fun about how how I now really want the statue, but it's been a long day.

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