Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the Doctor makes the team!

Picture 004I picked up Dr Manhattan and The Comedian (non-variant) from DC Direct’s Watchmen Series this week, following up on Series One from a couple weeks ago, and I am very glad I did, because to me these two make the series.

Dr Manhattan is, to me, one of DCD’s best male figures in quite a while, both for the effectiveness of the sculpt and the extra features. The good Dr comes with two sets of legs – one articulated set for free standing poses and one sculpted set for his floating pose, which locks in to a floaty thing that locks into the base.The legs interchange easily at the torso. This is a great design – no holes in back of the figure and the owner has a choice of how they want to display it – floaty option for me of course.

Picture 008The Comedian is a great figure, although along with the Rorschach figure, this isn’t worth a variant for what should have been an extra head, and I certainly won’t be buying it. This figure  gets extra points with me because it comes with something I’ve been wishing toy companies would do for years – index figures that actually fit in to the triggers of his guns to make sure he can hold on to them robustly. How novel! His uniform is very well detailed and sculpted – Tim Bruckner is responsible for both of these.

I’ll be staying away from the early versions of Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre because they’re a bit pointless unless they make more early Watchmen versions, but I do have to say they looked quite well done. I may cave on them when I see them on sale (which I expect to see eventually).

The group shot says it all for me – a great effort DCD. Now bring on the movie!

You can see a wider range of shots including close-ups at Facebook and discuss this in the Watchmen thread at the AFB Forum.

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Hows the articulation on these, Cause I just saw the first series in person for the first time today. And while I'm impressed with the sculptss, I have to say that I was dissappionted with the lack of articulation below the waist on SS and Rorshack(hey isn't the the guy from welcome back Kotter,JK).Especially when SS's costume would allow for some cleverly hidden hip articulation.It's a mjor step back for DCD.

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