Monday, February 23, 2009

Up, up and away!

Picture 002After seeing them in action in some other displays, I decided to order some flight stands from an eBay seller and have a go at using them myself. I just got three to experiment with, and I can tell you I am going to be going back for more!

These stands come with a large round base, a pole to be inserted into the stand, and two sizes of clasps for varying sizes of figures. The clasps can be arranged at different heights along the pole.

Obviously these look much better with figures with ankle articulation (hello, DCD…..?) but in any display they are going to provide effective levels, which I need at the moment as I set things up. Picture 004

The only thing I don’t like about the stands is the base is very big – needed to keep the balance of course, but it means it takes up a great deal of room.

I used Superman here to show that they can be used with a figure with a cape, but only at top height. When I get my DCUC 6 Hawkman (any day now!!) I’ll let you know how it goes with someone with wings.Picture 009

Here’s an example of how I might use these. I need more to make them look effective. I’m trying to counter the large circumference of the bases by standing smaller figures on them (like Supergirl here) and that seems that it will work.

The main issue I have with my display now (the full shots are coming, I promise!) is making levels to make more figures visible and fit more in. This isn’t going to be the total solution, but it will definitely help!

You can see additional photos at Facebook and discuss this at the AFB Forum.

I’m off to eBay now to borrow some more!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I use the exact same stands. Bought a whole bunch of them while I was in Hong Kong. These work really great.

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to find these on eBay and I haven't been able to. What do you search for?

Philip Reed said...

Yeah, what Digby said. Those flight stands look nice.

Scott said...

Hey guys - the info is in the AFB Forum at,131.msg1233.html#new
so go have a look!

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