Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Watchmen Arriveth!

Picture 001I’m not unboxing these quite yet, simply because I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them, so just a quick pix and post.

What I can see without unpacking: Rorschach is short. I know he’s supposed to be a bit smaller than the rest, but he really looks diminutive in the box. Not just shorter, but on a smaller scale altogether. Not sure if that is going to work for me. I’m also a bit cheesed off about the “unmasked variant” for this character, when really it should have been a packed-in extra head. I like the character enough to buy both IF the figure is good enough, but I can’t see buying two of these.

The detail on the costumes is excellent. Nite-Owl is my clear favourite. The Ozymandias figure makes me think I might not be liking the film interpretation so much. Silk Spectre looks great – a really faithful comic book interpretation.

The packaging is really nice – I was expecting the modern clamshell DCD seems to moving towards, so getting the classy boxes for these, with great design work, is a really nice bonus.

I’m not going to get the older versions of the characters, so only planning on getting Dr Manhattan and the Comedian from future waves, and I may wait until I see them to decide if the series is worth opening up. It’s the Rorschach scale thing that’s killing me here…..

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