Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Aid required…….

DC10018Big Bad Toy Store has some new DCD solicits up, including “JLA Classics Series 1”, which seems to be a retread of what many folk have so unkindly referred to as the “Turner Turds”, with some different headsculpts. I’m sure I’ve read a zillion threads on various messageboards clamouring for a reissue of those gems. Thank God DCD is listening.

Seriously, how can DCD continue to churn this stuff out when Mattel is succeeding with characters like Killer Moth and Gentleman Ghost?? Help!

As to the figures, the Flash from Identity Crisis was one of the only redeemable figures from that line. Green Arrow looks like he’s had extensive re-tooling, and a there’s a new and much better head for Superman, but really, are these figures worth revisiting?  (Waits for answer, hears crickets…..)

The only thing that could make resurrecting these figures worthwhile is if they somehow gave us a passable version of the Perez Zatanna costume. I can totally see that happening.

Stuff like this hurts my soul. Ow.

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