Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Seven Seas Sing!

AquamanTNI has the DC Direct Solicitations up for October, and this gives us a nice close look at the Aquaman and Mera Mini-Busts which were premiered at NYCC.

Very nice that these are coming out in the same month, and even better that it’s my birthday month – good to have the present list sorted already!

I’m not planning on collecting the whole range of Heroes of the DC Universe Mini-Busts for space and budget reasons, plus when it comes to statues (apart from the Women of the DCU line) DCD tends to do the major players and then stop, but I’m sure glad Aquaman is getting in a place in the this line for however long it lasts. It’s an imposing statue too and I can’t wait to own it.

MeraThe Terry Dodson versions of the Women of the DC Universe Mini-Busts have been a mixed bag for me. Some of the stylings have been too cutesy for my tastes, so I’m relieved that Mera doesn’t fall in to this category, because I’d hate to have to pass on a character that I’ve been dying to see in the DCD line in some form.

I have some opinions about the styling in terms of how it relates to her most traditional look, but I’ll save that for the eventual review. Perhaps the performance of these products will convince DCD to finally produce an Aquaman 6” Series? Why we haven’t seen Flash or Aquaman get even one wave is really beyond me.

For right now, however, this Aquaman fan is just very happy to see such well-deserving characters appearing in this line.

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