Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Final Frontier gets a few more Friendly Faces

Picture 001While nothing in DST’s Star Trek line has ever reached the near-perfection that was the Original Series waves from Art Asylum, these toys certainly continue to do the line, and the show, a high degree of justice. The latest series of Star Trek: The Next Generation figures from DST features some of the show’s most loved recurring characters: Miles O’ Brien, Ensign Ro Laren and Nurse Alyssa Ogawa, and the Nemesis version of Dr Beverly Crusher.

Ensign Ro is the pick of the crop and also the Previews Exclusive, which I actually managed to get in first for at my LCS this time (usually I have to wait for the ST ones, not sure why..). The visage of the lovely Michelle Forbes is well captured here, although either her neck could have been a bit longer or head a bit smaller to make her proportions look perfect. It’s still my favourite in the wave.

Picture 002 O’ Brien is afflicted by the weird leg thing that often smites the men in this line. For starters, there’s huge gap where his little plastic package should be. Let’s just say, I don’t wanna go to the future, ‘cause it shrinks your junk! Apart from that “little” issue, the legs look a little small in relation to the torso, and bow a bit oddly. This seems to happen sporadically with the male figures in these waves, and while it doesn’t detract too much, it could be better. The Miles headsculpt is very good (although it looks like it’s being repeated in the DS9 wave, instead of giving us an older Miles which would been nice.

Ogawa is a bit of a disappointment, as her facial features aren’t realistic at all and appear quite cartoonish. I think it’s the large toothy smile that tips this over the edge into caricature. I’m sure this wasn’t the intention, but it doesn’t come off well and doesn’t mesh with any of the other figures in the line stylistically. She does, however, come with an array of groovy and different medical-type accessories.

Picture 004 Crusher is a bit of a meh add-on, although it’s nice to see more Nemesis figures. I never ended up with the Data and Geordi figures that match with this film, though, so it’s not a complete set. Will need to work on that. Bev’s headsculpt is a bit off - the eyes seem to be staring a bit blankly and the sunken cheeks don’t sit right. She’s also an equal height to Ogawa which doesn’t ring true.

Like most of the DST figures, these come with a wide range of accessories, in fact so many it’s a bit overwhelming. O’ Brien comes with a fun Bonsai tree, which almost makes up for the fact that I couldn’t get Ro to hold any of her accessories, because her fingers are a bit gooey and I was worried they’d snap off if I pressed too much further.

Overall, the first three figures are pleasing additions to the ST:TNG line. I’d certainly like to see Guinan, Yar and Pulaski to round it out, but you’d have to think this series is probably drawing to it’s close.

The best news is that with my new display system, I actually have room for these figures to be on display. It’s all still coming together (too much “real life” getting in the way at present..) but I promise pictures soon!

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