Monday, February 16, 2009

Um…. was anyone watching the Watchmen?

Picture 001I wasn’t planning on doing an out of the box review of DC Direct Watchmen Series 1 because it took a long time to get around to it, but now that I’ve finally unpacked them I thought I needed to point something out.

Brothers and sisters, that Rorschach is teeeeeny tiiiiiiiiny. And it might be a Tim Bruckner sculpt, but it’s a mess and three quarters. His legs are basically fixed in a weird stance, he can barely stand on his own, his head is cocked to one side, he… he…. well let’s just say, lots of frowns.

Picture 002The rest of the figures get a pass from me. Nite Owl is actually a great figure, but he and Rorschach look like they come from different planets. Silk Spectre looks like she’s stepped straight out of the pages of the graphic novel, and it’s a BVP female figure I can see customisers loving, but again a bit tiny. She and Rorschach are Bruckner sculpts, while Nite Owl and Ozymandias are by Jack Matthews. Those guys needed to have a bit more of a confab, methinks. Or, is it possible that the smaller two are actually  the original DCD figures solicited so long ago while the other two are new sculpts to fit the film? I’d need photos to compare.

Picture 006On his own Nite Owl is the winner of the bunch. Great detail on the costume, great stance. Makes me look forward to seeing him in the film. Ozymandias is the opposite. Hope Veidt doesn’t spend too much time in that getup in the film. As a figure, however, he’s well done.

Paint-wise these are perfect. If we could give DCD’s distribution, detail and (usual) paint apps to DCUC’s character selection and (usual) scale, well let’s say I could almost die happy. They each come with bases that join together to make a wider display. No instructions of course, and the foot peg hole insert things have be stuck in the bottom of the bases and don’t really stick. Thank God my eight year old could work out how to do it. Unfortunately even between the two of us we couldn’t get Rorschach’s “removable” hand to put on his hand than can ho ld his gun. Maybe I get too afraid of breaking these things but I really did try, and so did Miss 8!

Picture 004Anyhoo, I just had to decry this 6” travesty to such a long-awaited character. Ironic that just like the lacklustre DCUC Big Barda, DCD is doing an “unmasked variant” of this sculpted stinkeroo. Well, at least I didn’t preorder that one! I am now fully expecting Dr Manhattan and The Comedian in 8” scale just to compliment this crowd.

Oh, and maybe a pack-in of the kid from the newsstand in 1:2 scale. That would make as much sense as this.

More pics including closeups at Facebook .

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Unknown said...


Check out on the Widget, there is a pic of all the Crimebusters together. Rorschach IS that much smaller than Nite Owl. Hate to tell ya, man but they ARE in scale together.

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