Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Martok – My Mistake

Picture 003Last week when I picked up DST’s Deep Space Nine Wave 2 from the LCS, I decided to leave the Martok figure behind to save some money, and because I was just concentrating on core cast members.

After DST’s very strong Star Trek showing at Toy Fair (they’re making Romulans, baby!!) I decided that my DST Star Trek collection really needs to be complete, and so I needed to give him another look on this week’s trip, and all I can say is I’m really glad I did.

Picture 004Martok is quite easily the figure of the wave. He’s beautifully detailed with soft leather pieces for parts of his uniform and a great range of accessories. I really don’t know what I was doing leaving him behind! Once again anyone wanting to act out scenes or create dioramas will be thrilled with this figure as he comes with a range of weapons - and drinking gear!

One thing I did notice is that both of the Worf figures I have are taller than him – is that correct for the heights of the actors? I’ll need to go back to the DVDs and look to check that. Was there a Worf done in the Nemesis line that would fit in more with the DS9 figures? I need to check that out.

Picture 008I really do hope we get another DS9 line. The Sisko / Gul Dukat 2-pack is promising, but to leave this like without Quark would be a tragedy, and I’d really like to have Jake and Keiko as well.

Also, here’s a pic of how my Star Trek shelves are shaping up. I’m still not ready to show off the whole new display but I’ll give a teaser here or there!

The whole collection of AFB’s DST Star Trek stuff, including more pics from this wave, can be found at the AFB Facebook page. You can also discuss this at the AFB Talkback Thread at our Forum.


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