Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Custom JSA Glory

Picture 019Over the last year a bevy of customisers led by the wonderful Lars have been helping me out with filling out the rosters of both my GA and MA Justice Society of America. I’ve acquired the figures through a combination of eBay auctions and commissions.

Recently I saw a post from Lars about the some figures he was making on spec which included the current Judomaster. While she wasn’t on the top of my list for my next addition to the roster, his version was just too good to pass up, and I quickly contacted him and made a deal for her to be mine. 

On a funny note,  I can now officially say I am a customiser, because she arrived with her lovely ponytail snapped off (thank you Australia Post!) and I had to glue it back on – the first time I have ever repaired a figure! Anyone who knows my fine motor skills will tell you I am best kept away from things like glue and snapped off plastic, but the operation was a success.

Picture 022And I’m very glad about that, because this is an excellent figure. The base is an All-Star Super Lois.  Lars’ paintwork is always impeccable. Many thanks to him for another great effort!

Also, here’s a glimpse of how the new display is panning out. I’m not ready for the “big reveal”, but here are my JSA shelves as they presently stand.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, buddy! Always a pleasure to work on JSA figures. Cheers!!

googum said...

I don't think I've ever read a comic with her, but that Judomaster looks great. Congrats!

Anonymous said...


These are great- any time you want to sell Liberty Belle
just contact me on

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