Sunday, February 22, 2009

MOTUC: Stratos Sold Out, He-Man and Skeletor re-issued

P1620_Statos_fullsizeimage1According to Matty Mattel’s Facebook Page:

“Yup, MOTU fans are absolutely into this line as Stratos sold out in what, 4 days! Wow. Didn't see that one coming. And in all honesty while we did produce slightly more He-Man and Skeletor, it wasn't THAT much more. So this really is a good indication of how the line is doing. And yes, we will go into increased numbers. Faker has already been produced so we will see if it is possible to up the order of Mer-Man, if not we will apply to Zodac and Hordak for sure.
And in other MOTUC news, yes we will be brining back He-Man and Skeletor with only slight packaging changes indicate this is the second run. We also switched He-Man's shoulders correctly and per fan requests lightened the red around his eyes. We know some fans are asking for a lighter material on the loin cloth, but this wasn't possible without delaying his rerelease.
These guys won't be back until a bit down the road, but they will return to ensure all fans can get key characters.
Next up is Faker which we will have less of online since we took a bunch to NYCC. So if you want Faker, based on sales of Stratos, be online quickly on March 16 after 12:00 noon. We imagine since it is too late to produce more for this sale, his remaining stock will go fast.
After him is Mer Man on April 15th and Zodac on May 15. We are looking into a few bonus figures (as mentioned at NYCC) for some months later in this year. Bonus figures will include repaints and rereleases (such as He-Man and Skeletor mentioned above). Should be some great surprises!
We'll see you on!”

Thankfully no negative comparisons to DCUC or JLU sales this time! It’s great that this line is going so well. Like it says above, if you want Faker you’re gonna have to be online when he goes up because the stock is limited!

I’m glad to hear that He-Man and Skeletor are getting re-releases and that some of the issues folks had with He-Man the first time around are going to be corrected. I don’t collect this line but I would consider getting these two for nostlagia’s sake, as I had them all as a kid (and am pretty sure my mother threw them out – sob!).

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LEon said...

I have not seen He-man on sale at retail in my country....Sad..

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