Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Return of the New Gods

Picture 006First off, I have to confess that this post has been delayed by a good twenty minutes while I looked for one of the stands from these figures which went missing as soon as I opened them. After going through all the mess and searching the room, I realised I had placed it in my mouth for a moment while I have toys and packages in my hands, and, you guessed it…… it was still there. Oy.

Anyway…. I had the whole set of DC Direct’s New Gods Series 2 on order, but when I got to the LCS, I just couldn’t commit to the Superman. While we could all think of other New Gods that could have taken that slot in the wave, there’s certainly a good argument for a Kirby Superman, but when I saw him, that just wasn’t it.  Not sure if it was the slightly too large head or what, but I put him back. My LCS is very good about that. Heck, I buy enough – they darn well should be good! 

Picture 008 Superman may have missed the mark, but the other three figures are dead on. Big Barda is,  quite simply, a masterpiece. It’s a long way to the AFB ‘09 Round-Up, but if this doesn’t take out 6” female figure of the year, that means there’s something very perfect coming our way between now and then. She is a dead-on Kirby creation in every way, and the detail is amazing. This is so good that I need extras to replace the old DCD Big Barda in my JLA display and for a Birds of Prey display, because it just puts the other one to shame. The only thing that could have made it better was a removable helmet or extra head, but this is such an outstanding figure that that certainly isn’t a complaint. She comes with her Mega Rod.

Metron is also an outstanding figure. I’d say this uses the same base as Orion / Lightray / Mr Miracle, so Metron is a bit broader than you’d make him if you were starting from scratch. It is, of course, a crime that he comes without his Mobius Chair, which could have been packed in to the wave in parts or even sold separately if need be. I expect a rash of customs to pop up on the internet shortly.

Picture 010DCD’s take on Kalibak is a good counterpoint to the BAF Version in DCUC Wave 6. He’s more the upright version, very Kirby, and works well. The only thing I noted was that once I put the whole series together, he’s taller and bigger than Darkseid, and I kind of imagine Darkseid looming over them all. That may not be comic accurate (and if not I am sure one of you will tell me) but that’s how I picture it!

With all the biggest guns spent, it’s hard to imagine who would anchor another wave, but with so many great characters and the outstanding quality of this line, having a few more of the key characters to round this out would be excellent.

We give DCD alot of stick for what they get wrong, so it’s only fair to also point out what they do well. These really are quite wonderful. I just want more!

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googum said...

Is Metron articulated enough to sit down? Darn it, I keep saying I'm not really a New Gods fan, but I'm going to end up with Kalibak and maybe Metron...

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