Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I own a piece of DCUC Wave 5!!

Picture 002

Finally, finally, AFB owns one figure from the elusive Wal-Mart exclusive DCUC Wave 5!

Thanks to a good friend, Black Lightning and his associated Metallo piece arrived in Oz yesterday. One step towards owning the Wave in what I sense is going to be an extended quest.

I’ve heard mixed things about the Wal-Mart figures, but the QC here is excellent. All joints work well he stands easily on his own. Paint is beyond reproach.

Picture 004I’ve shown a shot comparing him with the recent DCD version. While both companies get a “fail” for making a MA Black Lightning before the classic, Mattel’s version wins hands down here. A much better headsculpt, and the goggles, while still not clear like they should have been, look much better and less bulbous. The look works much better for the character.

Something was murmured at NYCC I believe about Mattel trying to make exclusive waves available to international customers. I sure hope they find a way to do this, because the only hope I have is good friends – the eBay costs once shipping comes in are just ridiculous.

Oh, I should also say that Metallo’s leg looks amazing, and now I want the C&C. I never make life easy for myself!

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