Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Two-Pack Sure to Please

_AUTOIMAGES_MTP1598lgThe DCUC Superman and SA Brainiac Two-Pack is now up with pics for pre-order at places like Entertainment Earth. A much awaited first-run of the SA Brainy, and I’m so looking forward to him I don’t really care that he’s Hulk-green instead of the slightly lighter green he should be. It’s also great to see a non-mullet Superman finally enter the line.

Here’s hoping the QC of this important release is above the TRU Exclusive 2-packs – we need these guys done well, and I’m sure they will be.

Also, I’d day say if THIS was a web-exclusive, we wouldn’t have heard what we did yesterday about sales! Can’t wait for this one!


Anonymous said...

Figure looks great. Shame about the red eyes on Supes though


cool set I can't wait for it.

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