Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mattel’s Friday Facebook Update

Mattel have posted an update at Facebook:

“Hey gang,
Been a while since I rattled off a info block or two, and now that we are hitting a weekend, wanted to take the chance to update everyone with the latest.
DCUC Wave 7B (with Booster, Beetle and Ocean Camo Aquaman) are now shipping. To complete your DCUC collection and finish off the Atom Smasher Wave, be sure to pick up the latest figs at your local toy re-seller.
On that note, we are indeed looking to bring DCUC retail figures onto Mattycollector, possibly as soon as later this spring/early summer. We are working on this, stand by while we worked out the kinks.
JLU Wave 3 should be out in about 2-3 weeks. It was supposed to ship in Jan, but what almost seems like an annual event, we needed to switch vendors again. Not our favorite option since it delayed the product by 2 months, but ideally will help to continually improve the product. The Cheetah and Batman Beyond 3 packs as well as single of Booster, Parasite and the rest will be out very soon.
Infinite Heros is also shipping strong. Check out Wal-Marts for some of the latest figures since they just completed an order! And don't forget to save your AntiMonitor points for SDCC 2009!
In Masters of the Universe World we are taking measures to increase production of future figures. We are hoping this can start with Mer-Man, although if it does, likely we will get him in two shipments. Meaning we may sell out right away but get in more in a week or so.
As for Faker, he goes on sale March 16 (the 15th is a weekend). And because we did pre sell him at NYCC, we are going to change the limit to 4 per person for this sale only. (this is the same limit as at the convention).
We know there has been a lot of talk online about whether limits are good low or high based on people buying together to save shipping vs. "scalpers" on the second market.
We've looked at the sales and honestly, there are very few people buying 10 of each figure. Very few. The overwhelming majority buy 1 with 2 of each following up. After that the numbers tale off all the way to 10. Stratos and the Adam Strange pack are selling out because individual fans are buying them. If we saw a huge overwhelming number of people buying 10, we would take measures. But most people buying 10 are also outside the US, so it is likely these are indeed fans buying together to save on shipping. Sure we know some people sell them on the second market, but with numbers of people buying just 1 so high it seems fair to keep the 10 option open to help those who want to save on shipping. Plus we announce sale dates three months in advance. So if you want an upcoming figure, you'll know when to come online!
Speaking of sales outside the US, Germany takes the medal on that one. Although they are the largest fan base outside the US, we're not seeing the numbers yet to justify opening a second distribution center. We will keep working with overseas fans all over the world, and if we are indeed doing high enough sales in any one area we will look at finding a way to distribute there directly.
Lastly, we know from our experience at NYCC that a lot of fans don't yet know about We are 100% open to fan suggestions of how to get the word out. Best bet would be to start to thread on one of the fan sites. I've got Toy Guru checking in on those to see what fans say about spreading the word!
Other than that, keep letting us know what you want to see on the site. We are working hard on the brand pages and those should be complete soon. And don't forget to support the product! Your purchase is a "vote" for continued offerings in each line.
Oh, and as always, if you need to reach customer service, the number is 1 877 GO MATTY, We can't answer customer service questions on Facebook!
See you in the toy aisles! (and on!)

On the whole this is good news all around. The best news from my perspective is making the DCUC waves available at – however if they do that I hope they start offering Paypal as a payment method again.

Mattel certainly gets the thumbs up for communication! That’s letting us know what’s going on, not spelling or grammar, but you know what they say about beggars……

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