Monday, February 16, 2009

Toy Fair: Stuff to buy, stuff to hide…..

IMG_0185Stuck over here in the boondocks, of Oz, sites like Action Figure Insider and Toy News International are a fanboy’s lifeline at convention time. Thanks guys for some great glimpses of ToyFair so far!

We had heard rumours that Zatanna was the next DCD 1:6 Scale figure, and sure enough there she was, with a top hat and white bunny too! Personally I’d love to see the Perez costume come out in this line someday, but it was a no-brainer that we’d see the black and white magician’s suit first. And it works, but golly I wish DCD  would get the knock-kneed thigh cut mess sorted out on their female figures in this scale. It’ll be sorted out with posing, but gosh she looks scee-raggly. Not super-duper wild about the facial expression either, but this is still a lock for me because I love the character and the line and want more, more, more.

IMG_0192We also saw the 1:6 Scale Wonder Woman up close, and after all the ongoing drama about what form Wondy’s hair should take, I can only imagine the screeching that might be taking place now. I’m personally glad they went with sculpted hair, but when have we ever really seen Diana in a ringlet perm? And…. she has the icky thigh cuts. Her uniform does look solidly done, but too loose around the bust in the same way that Black Canary’s was. I’ll reserve judgement until I see her in person. I do feel a bit for DCD on this one, because there are so many dedicated fans that there is no way to make everyone happy no matter what decisions are made.

IMG_0213Oh, and Georg Brewer obviously loves his ablutions so much he’s now  selling them. They’re called Uni -Formz. How Georg manages to do poopies that look kinda like Superman and Batman I have no idea, but the dude should be selling them on eBay along with the Corn Flake that looks like Jesus and the Raisin Toast with the profile of the Pope in it. I guess this is DCD’s answer to Mighty Muggs, and your intrepid reviewer is going to get a couple to give you the low-down. That is how much I love you. Remember that come Christmas time. God help me if I end up liking these.

And outside of DC world, DST is making a Star Trek Original Series Nurse Chapel! That’s awesome news for the Original Series collection. I do hope that DST remembers that the Original Series Stuff was in a smaller scale than the other stuff they’ve made so that she doesn’t end up towering over the rest of team. Looks like she’s coming in a two pack with McCoy with short sleeves and gorilla hair arms. That’s another figure off my want list.

IMG_0423Oh, and AFI has a truly terrifying Toy Fair video of Jesse Falcon up. Put the kids away before you watch that one, if you must watch it all. Short but scary.

Now for some fun news – if you want to make comment on this or anything else you’ve seen from Toy Fair – you can now do it at the AFB Forum – please have a look, set up and account and lend a hand in setting up what we hope will be another fun place to chat toys on the Internet!


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Anonymous said...

The Wonder Woman is gorgeous! How can anyone complain about that?

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